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Our sweet one eyed boy Huck, now Dex, is settling into his home north, we are happy for him! Have a great life buddy, you deserve it! ...

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We truly struggled with whether to post this photo or not. Huck’s eye has gotten considerably worse. We are going from northgate to Memphis Veterinary Specialists today at noon to see if we are going to be able to save the eye. We have also run several blood tests and titers to try to find an underlying cause. This guy has been through so much. We pulled him from the urgent list at MAS 3/4. He had to stay at the vet and receive fluids, then he came back for entropion surgery and neutering and hasn’t left since. He’s lived at the vets office more than he has in a foster home. He has an AMAZING adopter patiently waiting and willing to do anything for him once he’s ready to go. We need your help getting there. The vet bills have been crippling to HHR, as this boy has been hit with blow after blow. He’s so very worth it. Huck is hand-shy at first. He’s polite, loves everyone. Someone really put this guy through hell and he’s done nothing but love since the moment we picked him up. At this point I’m not above begging for this guy. If you can, please donate via paypal @ [email protected] Remember, your donations are tax deductible. If you can’t donate, please share his story. ...

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Hoof and Hound Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foster based rescue committed to making life a better place for our furry friends through education on responsible pet ownership, spaying and neutering, and heartworm prevention, education, and treatment.

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