What to do with a stray dog

We get it, you can’t just leave that cute dog on the street. But what do you do now?

What to do first

If the dog is injured: Get it to a vet! If it’s late, try an all-hours or after-hours clinic like the Animal Emergency Center at 3767 Summer Ave. Memphis, TN 38122.

Standard Steps to find a lost dog’s owner

  • Scan for microchip at veterinarians office
  • Make social media your best friend– post on “Lost and Found Pets of the Midsouth’s” facebook page, post on your Nextdoor app, and your personal facebook. Leave out important identifying details like gender, or color collar.
  • call the your local animal shelter and see if anyone has reported the dog missing.
  • make found dog flyers and distribute them in the area in which the dog was found


If dog remains unclaimed (after two weeks or more)

  •   Talk to us! That’s a homeless pet in need of our help.  Contact us here 
  • please note: Found fosters MUST be able to foster the dog until forever home is found and is must agree to the same requirements and responsibilities as any other foster.