Hi everyone,

My name is Callan. I also go Moo cow, and Lug bug! I am super friendly and think people are super awesome. I love getting attention and love to snuggle up with my people. Running around in the yard isn’t really my thing; I would rather lounge and soak up some rays. My favorite things are car rides, people, food, treats, people and car rides. Have I mentioned I love treats and food? I am housetrained and crate trained but really love to go everywhere with my human as I think the human race is completely amazing. I don’t love rain and would rather be curled up by a fireplace watching an awesome TV show or funny movie with my friends than be out in the cold weather.

Speaking of friends, I have TONS. I like everyone and while I like other dogs and cats I would really like to find my very own family where everyone can spoil me and tell me how awesome I am. I like to be the center of attention but am not a diva. Now on to the tiny humans called kiddos, I like them and am actually very good with them but since I am a bigger boy(I’m not fat, just big boned) I may knock the tiny humans over and upset them which hurts my feelings too. My perfect home would be where I can be the star with people I can go everywhere with and snuggle a lot. I don’t have to have a big backyard but I do like to do the bulldog zoomies sometimes so a fenced area where I can run if I want or sunbathe and be protected would be great. I like toys like my knot bear and bones and love to get new toys so someone who will spoil me a little would be wonderful.


My Aunt Ellie says I need someone who is very kind and loving but also will expect me to behave and have manners, I am a typical big lug head bulldog and like to get my way and like to push boundaries but I just smiled at her and gave her my goofy grin. I do like to know what is expected from me so a schedule and boundaries wouldn’t be so bad I guess, as long as I get tons of treats! Not to toot my own horn but toot toot, I am very smart and know how to read people really well, I know when someone is a pushover and when they will make me use my manners! I figure things out very quickly, especially when food is involved. I like to greet people by talking to them and I jump up to give hugs but am pretty good about using my listening ears when someone tells me no.


Everyone who has ever met me says I am amazing which makes me very happy. I love my friends and am really looking forward to being a great, lifelong buddy to my new people. I am big and goofy but have a heart of gold and am the sweetest guy so I hope to find my perfect home soon!